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Our full range of chocolate flakes, makers and extras

From 28% white up 100% extra dark, find your perfect %

Craft hot chocolate at home with our makers

Delicious, fully plant based hot chocolate flakes

Our best-selling marshmallows and gift sets

Award-winning tea and speciality coffee

Treat the chocolate lover in your life

Experiment with Knoopology at home

Welcome your team into the office with chocolate drinks

Browse our carefully curated % menu

The art of crafting your perfect chocolate drink

Experiment with Knoopology at home

It's iced chocolate season

Over 4,500 reviews

It's iced chocolate season

Over 4,500 reviews

Iced chocolates at home with Knoops
Real chocolate

Just add your
choice of milk


Trusted by
the best

Craft at home

With your %
and flavour

Vegan friendly

Our 38%, 54% and
above are dairy free

Not sure what
% you are?
Free standard delivery on orders over £40
hot chocolate selection box, 10 chocolate flakes in one box

Try 10 of our chocolate %

How do you pronounce Knoops?


‘kuh’ like huh – ‘noops’ like hoops

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hot chocolate cafe near me, founded in Rye


We're stocked in Harrods, Selfridges & Whole Foods.

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