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Knoops loyalty app programme

The Knoops loyalty app

How to access the new app

Download the Knoops app for iOS here and for Android here.

To use the new app and make sure your points are transferred correctly, you'll need to create a new account using the email that your previous account was registered with.

By downloading and using our app, you are agreeing to our loyalty app terms, you can read them here.

How to use our loyalty app

Getting started

Whether you had the old app, or you are a new customer, you will need to follow these instructions:
  1. Download the Knoops app for iOS here and for Android here
  2. Tap "Profile" in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Tap "New user? Sign up now"
  4. Enter your details (if you had the old app, please use the same email address that you used for the old app so we can link your existing points)
  5. Agree to receive offers and promotions to find out how to gain bonus points
  6. Click "Sign up"

You can then order through the app, or scan your QR code when you order in-store.

    What is the QR code used for?

    Your QR code can be shown at the till when you are making an order, you can either collect or redeem points on your order. Just open the app, click on the QR code and make sure your screen brightness is turned up.

    How do I collect points?


    Earn 1 point per £1 you spend*. If ordering in store, show staff your QR code which you can access from the home screen. If ordering via the app, your points will automatically be added if you’re logged in. 

    Loyalty points expire every 12 months.

    *not applicable on gift cards, gift packaging, makers, milk frothers and coffee machines. 

    How do I redeem points?


    You can start redeeming points when you’ve earned a minimum of 30 points. You’ll be able to claim different drinks* depending on how many points you have in your account: 

    • 30 points: Coffee or tea 
    • 45 points: Iced chocolate 
    • 50 points: Hot chocolate 
    • 55 points: Milkshake 
    • 60 points: Mocha  
    • 100 points: Tube of flakes  

    To see what rewards you can access with your point balance, log in to your account on the app, then tap ‘Loyalty’– the star at the bottom of the screen. Rewards that are available to you will be displayed here.

    If you want to redeem a reward, select one, and then tap ‘claim reward’. This will load the reward to your QR code so when you can redeem when scanning your QR code in store, or at the checkout if ordering via the app. 

      How do I claim an offer?


      Check our 'offers' section on the app. To redeem, please click the offer and scan your QR code.

      How do I claim my bonus birthday points?


      Make sure you've added your date of birth at least two days before your birthday. Go to 'Profile', then 'Edit profile' and enter your birthday.

      If you've entered your birthday, you'll receive an extra 30 points in your account on the day of your birthday to spend in store.

      How do I order through the app?


      Open your app and make sure you’re logged in to your account via the ‘profile’ section. 

      On the home screen, choose your closest Knoops – we recommend allowing location permissions as this will display your closest store first. If you don’t allow location permissions, you can choose your closest store from the list of venues. 

      Choose your order type – please note, drink in is only available in select stores. 

      Choose your drink type – hot chocolate, iced chocolate and milkshake can all be selected from the top images. Follow the prompts on screen to order your chosen chocolate %, size of drink, Knoopology extras, milk and whether you’d like to add a marshmallow or whipped cream. When you’re finished, tap add to basket.

      You can then add more drinks, or start your payment by tapping ‘view basket’. In the basket you’ll be able to apply any applicable offers and add order notes. Once completed, tap pay and choose your payment method to complete the order. 

      How do I see how many points I've got?


      You can view your point balance on the app homescreen and the loyalty section which you can see by tapping the QR code on the homescreen or the star icon at the bottom of the screen. 

      We recommend enabling push notifications, so you don't miss out on any offers. 

      You can do this by tapping 'Settings', then sliding on for push notifications.

      Where can I use my loyalty app?


      You can use your loyalty account to collect points in all our stores – excluding the Knoopsmobile. Loyalty points aren’t available through third parties eg Deliveroo.  

       Click here to see all our locations. 

      How do I get updates about rewards + offers?


      We recommend enabling push notifications, so you don't miss out on any offers. You can do this by tapping 'Settings', then sliding on for push notifications.

      Why have the redemption points changed from the previous app? 


      We have updated the points required to claim free drinks in stores via our loyalty app. This is to ensure we are better reflecting the value of our full menu of drinks – from coffees, to hot chocolates and milkshakes. 

      For example, due to their ingredients, our milkshakes are of a higher value to our coffees so now require 55 points to redeem. This works in a similar way as supermarket loyalty points where you require more to claim premium, higher valued products. 

      These updated tiers also reflect price changes that have taken place in store and up until now have not been incorporated into our loyalty programme. 

      I have more questions about the app

      For any other queries about our app, please get in touch on