Do you sell gift vouchers?


We have a couple of gift voucher options, depending if you would like the recipient to be able to spend it online, OR in one of our stores (in Kensington, Clapham Junction or Rye.)

You can buy a gift voucher to redeem in our online shop here, that can be sent via email.

The best way to give credit to someone to spend in our shop, is to download our App (you can find it here for Apple, and here for Android). Once the app is installed, in the menu on the top left there is an option “Gift Cards” and through here you can very easily gift some credit to someone. They will receive an email with instructions as to how to redeem it and they will be able to use it to buy drinks in our stores in Kensington, Clapham Junction and Rye.

Is your chocolate sustainably sourced?


Our founder, Jens Knoop, carefully selects the chocolates that feature in our chocolate library. Our current range includes 22 chocolates from around the world, from a white 28% up to a 100% cocoa. We offer a range of blends - which are now traceable, so we know which cooperatives contributed to each cup - alongside a number of single origins from a range of cocoa-growing regions, from Peru and Colombia, to Tanzania and Madagascar. In October 2019, Jens visited the Alto El Sol plantation in Peru, meeting growers who supply the cocoa in our 65% Single Origin.

We work with a handful of chocolate makers, small and large, who are genuinely committed to improving the sustainability of their cocoa, in an industry which has experienced many challenges in recent decades. Programmes such as Cocoa Horizons and Cacao Trace demonstrate the industry’s ambition for achieving long-term sustainability of cocoa, with a focus on environmental issues, productivity, farmer poverty, and social and community development. One of our suppliers is the oldest B-Corps certified company in the world.

What is a Knoopifier?


The Knoopifier allows you to make the very best Knoops hot chocolate at home - just like our Knoopologists prepare in our shops. It also heats and froths milk for coffee, all at the touch of a button. It is made by the German company, WMF.

Just add your preferred milk, and experiment by introducing a little extra flavour – a fruit, root, herb or spice. For the best results, we recommend using our Knoopifier buttons – choose from a range of 6 different % chocolates. 

There is more detailed information on the Knoopifier here

Do you deliver internationally?

At this time, we only deliver to UK addresses.

How many hot chocolates does one pouch of chocolate buttons make?

Depending on the size of your mug or cup, one 210g pouch of buttons makes about 6 cups of hot chocolate.

What delivery service do you use?

We use a variety of different couriers and your orders should be received within 3-5 working days.

How should I store my Knoops hot chocolate?

Knoopifier buttons, or chocolate flakes, should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Which of your chocolates are suitable for vegans?

All of our chocolates that are 54% and over are suitable for vegans, when also made with non-dairy milks.

Where can I find your cafes?

Please see our locations here.

What is Knoopology?


Knoopology is about making the perfect drinking drink for you. And this can be done in our cafés or at home, with our Knoopifier and a range of chocolates that can be ordered online.

- First step: you choose a hot chocolate, cold chocolate (chocolate milk or milk shake) or a mocha.

- Second: what percentage do you prefer? We have a range of 22 different strengths for the hot chocolates, from a white 28% up to a 100% cocoa, and 6 for the cold chocolates. Our hot chocolate range includes white, ruby, milk and dark chocolates, with 13 vegan friendly options. 

- Third: how about adding some ingredients? There are some classic as well as exotic flavour combinations which can be created. Look on our Youtube or Instagram for some ideas. 

- Fourth: we have a whole variety of dairy milks as well as plant based milks on offer.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?


In the event that your order arrives damaged, please don't worry, we guarantee we'll put it right for you. Just contact us on orders@knoops.co.uk or click here.



If you're not 100% happy with your order then we will immediately sort it out for you. Please contact us on orders@knoops.co.uk or click here. 

How can I keep in touch with all things Knoops?


Please join our mailing list here, scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your email address into the newsletter box. 


How does your app work and what can I use it for? 

You can download our app by clicking here, and going to the footer. Depending on whether you are Apple or Android there is a link for each:

You can earn points on every purchase with our loyalty programme, which earns you rewards. Just simply use the barcode on the app when you are paying in store to earn your points. Earn 1 point for every £1.00 you spend.

You can add an extra, a fruit, root, spice or herb, for free when using the app. You get a free coffee if you earn 20 points and a free hot chocolate with 50 points. 

Do you offer corporate gifting and discounts for large orders?

Yes, we do run a corporate gifting service and offer tiered discounts for large orders. Please refer to our corporate gifting page here and email us on corporate@knoops.co.uk.