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Chocolate Shaker

To make hot and cold chocolate drinks
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Make hot and cold Knoops chocolate drinks at home with the world’s first chocolate shaker.

Easy to use - and to clean - simply choose your flakes and milk, then #ShakeYourFlakes for a velvety smooth hot or iced chocolate.

For hot drinks, add flakes to hot milk and shake for ten seconds. For iced, make a small, strong hot chocolate in the shaker, top up with cold milk and ice cubes - or ice cream - and shake.

When you buy the chocolate shaker, add a tube of 34% milk, 54% dark or 70% extra dark flakes for the special price of £5 (normally £9.25).

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Additional information

Product specifications

Size: H136 x L84 x D84 mm
Weight: 0.236kg
Capacity: 200ml 
Dishwasher safe: YES (not lid)
Microwave safe: YES (not lid)

Instructions for a hot chocolate
Warm 200ml of your preferred milk on the hob or in the microwave. Take care not to boil it – around 80 degrees is perfect.

Add around 8 teaspoons of chocolate flakes. Make sure the lid is pressed in and then secure fully to the cup. Shake for 10 seconds – and you’re ready to enjoy your smooth, frothy hot chocolate.

Not suitable for use by children under the age of 16.

Instructions for cold chocolate milk or a milkshake
Start with a small hot chocolate; add milk up to level 2, then add 5 tsps of your preferred chocolate flakes. Put the shaker in the microwave (without the lid) for half a minute or if you don’t have a microwave heat up milk on the hob and add it to the flakes.

Then, make sure the lid is pressed in and then secure fully to the cup. Shake for 10 seconds or until all the flakes are dissolved and then top up with cold milk. 

If you want to make a chocolate milk, then add ice cubes to it or if you want to make a milkshake, add ice cream instead of the ice cubes. Jens suggests adding 3 mini scoops or teaspoons of ice cream, as a big scoop will not melt in the already cooled down chocolate. 

Give it another quick shake and you have an ice-cold chocolate milk or milkshake.

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Next day delivery (weekdays only) is available for £5.95 if you order before 12pm.