Knoopifier FAQs



How do I make a hot chocolate with a Knoopifier?


At the touch of a button!

Always make sure the Knoopifier is correctly assembled – the choc system is in place, with the milk basket fully clicked into position and the milk disk spinning freely. Then, most importantly make sure you feel the magnetic pull when you put the choc system into the jug before you add anything into it.



Once the Knoopifier is ready always follow these steps:

- Add your choice of milk (we recommend 175ml for one cup).

- Add the Knoopifier chocolate buttons (we recommend 34g – approx 5 teaspoons).

- Put on the lid – making sure the spindle is in the hole in the lid so that the choc system can spin.

- Press the button 4 times (to the hot choc symbol).


Then in 2 minutes you will be enjoying your Knoops hot chocolate at home. After the hot chocolate is made you could add a touch of Knoopology – go to our Youtube channel or our Instagram feed for more recipes. 

Can I make cold chocolate drinks with the Knoopifier?


Yes of course. You can make a cold chocolate milk by making a hot chocolate as normal, letting it cool and pouring it over ice - see our video.

Can I use the Knoopifier as a milk frother?


Yes, it has four settings. It warms milk (for coffee etc) and froths milk, for cappuccinos or cold, frothed drinks, in addition to making perfectly frothed hot chocolate.

The first setting creates hot milk foam, the second creates cold milk foam, the third is for hot milk and the fourth is to make hot chocolate. 

Have a problem with your Knoopifier?


We want you to be 100% happy with your Knoopifier and offer a no quibble return and replacement.

Just email us,, as there may be something we can help you with or refer to the trouble shooting section below.

If necessary, we will then send you a replacement Knoopifier and arrange for you to return your Knoopifier to us.

How long does it take to make a cup?


Around 2 minutes – the Knoopifier will stop automatically at the end of the cycle.



Instructions for use

Always make sure the Knoopifier is correctly assembled – push the milk disc into the disc bracket with the notch facing upwards. Then screw the handle all the way into the disc bracket from above. The milk disc is now affixed flexibly to the bracket. Next push the chocolate basket onto the handle from above and push downwards until it clicks into place. The milk disk should be spinning freely. Then, put the choc system into the jug and make sure you feel the magnetic pull. The Knoopifier is now ready to make your hot chocolate. 

Make sure it is assembled as so: 


The Knoopifier is flashing red and not making my perfect Knoops at home, why?

It’s really important to follow these steps in this order every time you make a Knoops at home. It may be useful to watch our short video "Introducing the Knoopifier" on our Youtube channel

- Assemble the choc system as per the instructions, with the disc freely spinning and the chocolate basket clicked into place

- Feel the magnetic pull of the choc system in the jug

- Add your choice of milk (we recommend 175ml for one cup)

- Then add your Knoopifier chocolate buttons (we recommend 34 grams)

- Press the middle button 4 times to the hot chocolate symbol

- In under 2 minutes, the machine will automatically turn off and your hot chocolate will be ready

- Always remove the lid before pouring into a cup and don’t forget to add one of our marshmallows for the real Knoops at home experience

Please note, if you add your chocolate first, you may experience a problem starting your Knoopifier. The machine may start but the motor may fail as the chocolate buttons can get caught in the milk basket if the milk is not in there. We advise that the milk should be added first to prevent this. 


The milk disk is not spinning 

The milk disk should spin freely in the handle – do not tighten the handle too much when you replace it after cleaning.

Always make sure the milk disc is fitted the right way up, as so, like a flying saucer.

Make sure there are no buttons inside the choc basket, as this can stop the machine from working. If a button has got in, remove the basket, take out the buttons and rinse. Then replace the basket and let the machine cool and start again.

We recommend always putting the milk into the Knoopifier first, before adding chocolate, to prevent this from happening.


The magnet is not working when I put the choc system into the jug?

Sometimes, the magnets on the base unit of the machine do not feel the connection with the milk system.

Always check the magnet is clean and you haven’t accidentally spilt milk on the magnets – if so, clean the area with a damp and dry cloth before using.

Then clip the chocolate basket onto the milk system, place the choc system into the machine and feel the magnetic pull.


The choc system isn't spinning 

Make sure the basket is clipped into place and the handle is in the groove in the lid of the machine. 


There is some chocolate left in the Knoopifier once I’ve made my drinks?

This may be because you have added a bit too much chocolate when preparing your drink. We always recommend 175ml and 34 grams of Knoopifier buttons to get the perfect Knoops taste at home. But a little chocolate residue on your choc attachment is not a cause for concern.


Keeping the microswitch clean

It is also worth checking the microswitch inside the base unit. This round silver switch is easily visible inside the top of the unit, when you remove the jug. You can gently push this switch down with your finger to check it is moving freely. It may be that some milk or chocolate has got around it, affecting its ability to move properly. If you could clean it carefully with a damp cloth, then try again, this may help with any issues.




What can I add to my hot chocolate to create a perfect Knoops at home?


Knoopology is the craft of making the perfect drinking chocolate and your Knoopifier is perfect for you to try Knoopology at home.

Experiment with adding a little extra flavour – a fruit, root, herb or spice. There are hundreds of different flavour combinations to try – look at some of our recipes on our Youtube channel or our Instagram

To experiment with flavour: Take the “choc system” out of the jug at the end of the cycle, and add your chosen flavour. Give it a good stir and, if you are adding fresh herbs, allow them to steep for about a minute with the lid on in the base unit, to make sure your chocolate stays warm. Strain (if necessary) and serve immediately.

What milk and chocolate can I use with the Knoopifier?


Any dairy or plant based milk will work perfectly.

In terms of chocolate, the Knoopifier works best with our Knoopifier buttons (available to buy here). We have a range of six Knoopifier buttons, including a sweet white 28%, a classic 34% milk chocolate, a 47% ruby chocolate (naturally pink!) and three dark chocolates, 54%, 70% and a 96%, all of which are vegan.

Don’t forget to look at our recipes for more ideas and ways to try Knoopology at home. 

Where do I get the Knoopifier buttons from?


You can buy them online here or in one of our retail stores in Kensington, Clapham Junction or Rye, find exact locations here