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Our full range of chocolate flakes, makers and extras

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Experiment with Knoopology at home

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Experiment with Knoopology at home

12 Days of Knoopology

Our founder, Jens Knoop, has carefully curated a selection of recipes, with ingredients found in most kitchen cupboards, combined with our chocolate Knoopifier buttons or flakes. So now you can experiment with a bit of Knoopology at home - just like our ‘Knoopologists’ in store - either on the hob, or in the Knoopifier.

We have included a range of our chocolate percentages and ingredients to cover all palates, including 28% white, 34% milk, 47% ruby, 54% dark and 70% extra dark.

We’d love to hear your feedback, and, of course, any you come up with yourself!

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